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Falcon Families,

I can hardly believe that it is almost time to welcome our falcons back to school for another year. As you and your child count down the days until school begins, tale time to talk about concerns and celebrations to come. Consider using these questions to get some important conversations started with your child: 1. What time do you need to get up to have time to be ready to get to school on time without rushing? Sometimes our children want more or less time than the previous year to get ready for the day. Talk through the morning routine and agree on a time together to avoid problems later. The doors will open at 8:20 for breakfast and 8:40 for those not eating at school. The tardy bell rings at 8:50. Make a plan for beating the bell! 2. What time do you need to go to bed to get enough sleep before your "wake up" time? Check out this article from the American Academy of Pediatrics to guide your discussion. A good night's sleep helps your morning go more smoothly at home and gets the day off on the right foot. A good sleep routine also helps students perform their best while at school. 3. Where and when will you do homework each day? Your child will need to complete homework each night during the school year ranging from reading at home to practicing math skills or working on long term projects. Decide as a family where and when your child will do this to decrease distractions like TV and video games. Set up your child's spot with special supplies and resources like pencils, erasers, and paper. Also consider tools like a calendar (for older students to track long term assignments), calculator, flashcards, etc. Get them excited about all of the learning they will do this year and let them know you will be there to support them as they do! For more homework tips, check out this article from Scholastic Parents. 4. How will you share important papers and information with parents and caregivers? Your child will bring home completed work for you to see along with their homework. They will also have things like monthly planners/ agendas (grades 3-5), school and classroom calendars, permission slips, and other forms or notes from the school. Create a plan with your child for where they should put these papers or when you will look at them together each day. It's important to create a routine for this so things don't slip through the cracks when life gets busy with work, sports, school, and after school activities. Consistent communication between home and school prevents many issues throughout the year and helps us all work together. 5. What is one goal you have for yourself this year? Even children as young as kindergarten can set goals for themselves. Goals could be academic (Learn all of my addition facts by November.), social (Talk to at least one new classmate each day.), or emotional (Use coping skills when I am upset and keep my hands to myself.) Let your child know you are there to support them as they work towards this goal. This article from Parents Magazine is written for parents of "preteens", but it can help us all find ways to support our children in goal setting and perseverance. Hopefully these questions can help you start some important conversations and get everyone excited and ready for a successful 2018-2019 school year. As the year goes on, go back and revisit them to see if anything has changed. If there is anything we can do to help support you and your child with these items or anything else, please reach out at any time. We look forward to working together because... Teamwork makes the DREAM work!

Mrs. Megan McGuire

Assistant Principal

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