Mrs. Stephaine Nunemaker
Notepad.png         Welcome to Mrs. Nunemaker's Second Grade

I'm so glad that you decided to visit my website! I encourage both students and parents alike to use this online resource as a place where information can be obtained about the various happenings in and around our classroom.

My Contact information: E-mail:
                                          Phone: 717-762-1191 ext. 1400  

Our Daily Schedule

8:40-8:50 Student arrival

9:00-9:30 Falcon Flyer Time

9:33-10:13 Specials: (Day 1- Music, Day 2- Library, Day 3- Gym, Day 4- Art  

10:15-10:45 Content
10:45-11:45 Math

11:45-12:30 Lunch/ Recess

12:30-2:50   Language Arts Block

   - Shared Reading
                 - Daily 5/ Guided Reading
                 - Writing
                 - Word Work

3:20- End of Day Duties/Dismissal


-100 Book Challenge Reading (Mon.-Fri., 15 minutes per evening)
-Math Home links or skill sheets (Mon.-Thurs)
-Weekly Math Fact Drills (Mon.-Thurs.) Quiz on Friday


Students will be assessed during three marking periods throughout the school year. Students will be assessed in Reading, Writing, and Math using the following scores:

Reading/Writing/Math Grading Key:
3 - Meets Benchmark
2 - Working Towards Benchmark
1 - Needs Improvement

Students will also be assessed in their work habits/social skills and progress within their Specials:

Work Habits/Social Skills/Specials Key:
Y - Acceptable Progress
N - Needs Improvement

In second grade we use the Everyday Math program. Here are some important concepts we will cover:
- Place Value
- Math Facts
- Two Digit Addition and Subtraction
- Measurement (nearest inch and centimeters)
- Telling Time 
- Money (counting and making change)
- Fractions
- 2D and 3D Shapes
- Word Problems

Topics to be covered in science:
- Life Cycles
- Aquatic Ecosystems
- Balance and Motion
- Properties of Matter
- Earth's Features

Social Studies
Topics to be covered in social studies:
- Citizenship and Communities
- Maps and Symbols
- Local Government
- Historical Holidays