Mrs. Lori Akers

It is great to be into the swing of things.  This is a glimpse of what your children will be learning over the next few weeks.  Kindergarten, first and second grade students will be learning and practicing fundamental locomotor skills.  This includes walking, running, hopping, jumping, skipping, leaping, sliding and galloping. Practice helps to make movement more fluid and helps student's develop strength and endurance.  These student will also begin a perceptual motor unit in November, which allows them to explore and experiment with a variety of equipment as they move throughout space.  This unit is always a favorite:)
Third through fifth grade students will begin the month of November with a emphasis on health.  During the next marking period students will have lessons that cover nutrition, self image, decision-making, smoking, advertising, stress, communication, social skills and assertiveness.  Fifth grade student will focus on goal setting and consider career interests.  These student will complete a research project on their field of interest.  

Upcoming Events: 
Week of November 5- Health Unit Begins for grades 3-6

Wellness Guidelines:

1.  Proper shoes and clothing must be worn.  Be sure to wear sneakers and comfortable clothes.  Also remember that we will be outside in the Fall and Spring and it may be wet and dirty.  Don't wear your best clothes on PE days. 

2.  Only a written note will excuse a student from participating in class.  a doctor's not is required for more than two classes.

3.  Students are expected to demonstrate respect, responsibility and be ready to learn.