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Autoharp - A small stringed instrument held in the lap and strummed.  The sound is similar to a harp.

Empty Garbage Before Dad Flips - The saying used to help remember the notes that fall on the treble clef lines.

FACE - The saying used to help remember the notes that fall on the treble clef spaces.

Canon - A musical piece that has one group or person starting the melody followed by one or more groups repeating the melody after group one has started.  Each group will begin at a different time.  This type of piece often sounds somewhat like a race with all groups ending together at the finish line.  Most students would recognize "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" as a form of canon or round.

Theme - The main idea of a musical work.

Variation - The main idea of a musical work altered in some way.  This alteration could be melodic, rhythmic, or through instrumentation, or a combination of all three.

Graphic Organizer - A way to organize thoughts on paper using diagrams, graphs, etc.

Main Idea - The core thought of a work of music (or literature).

Genre - A style of music or literature.

Biography - The story of someone's life, written by someone other than the person who is being written about.

Autobiography - The story of someone's life written by the person himself.

Contrast - When something is slightly different from something else; comparing differences.

Ostinato - A repeated rhythm pattern.

Taiko - A form of Japanese drumming that involves very large drums and often acrobatics.

Major Key - Music that is written in a major key tends to sound happy or joyful.

Minor Key - Music that is written in a minor key tends to sound sad or depressing.

Tempo - How fast or slow the music goes.

Editorial - An opinion expressed in writing.  This opinion often resembles as article such as appears in a newspaper.

Bias - A judgment based on a personal point of view.

Expression - This is what gives music it's "uniqueness".  Expression is often created through dynamics and articulation.

Tone Color - The unique sound of a voice or instrument.

Mood - The overall "feel" of a piece of music.