Mrs. Darla Mummert

We are having another wonderful year at Fairview in music!  

Everyone has begun having fun during our annual Rhythm Month activities.  Mrs. Akers and I have combined our classes to team teach dancing concepts to students.  Students are learning a combination of line dances, square dances and folk dances, depending upon the grade level. They are learning how to move through space to beat, form, tempo, and rhythm using familiar loco motor skills.  This is our 15th anniversary of Rhythm Month

Some dances that are currently being taught are:

First grade - Virginia Reel, Funky Disco Chicken, and I See You

Second Grade - Virginia Reel, Crested Hen, and Funky Disco Chicken

Third Grade - Numerous square dances

Fourth Grade - Cotton Eyed Joe and Bingo

Fifth Grade - Greensleeves, Going to Boston, and the Virginia Reel

Sixth Grade - 16 Step, Even Steven, and Barn Dance

Thanks for your continued support of the music program at Fairview!

Here are some links that you can check out and enjoy.
Music for children
New York Philharmonic page. Many games and information for students K-adult.
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra site. Games mostly suitable for students grades 4 and up.
A general knowledge website for classical music. Contains information about composers as well as numerous musical excerpts. There are also games on this site suitable for students grades 4 and up.
The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra with information and games suitable for students in grades 1 - adult
This site contains games, music clips and videos of original Music K8 material. Suitable mostly for K-5 students.
MANY, many games for the older student (grade 4 and up).
Fun music games to play on your computer for grades 3-6


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