6th Grade Research Project

This is a group project where students will work with 3-4 other students.

Each student will have a specific detail to research and all work will be evenly divided.

There are two components to this project

1. The Research         

The students will be researching one of the following wars:

  • WWI
  • WWII - 2 groups, Pacific and European
  • French Indian War
  • Korean
  • Revolutionary
  • Civil
  • Vietnam

This project ties-in with the grade level's field trip to The Army War College.

The students will be asked to:

  • Name the war they are researching and cite the dates using World Book Online
  • Discuss the causes and the countries involved
  • List the battles/events (3) with locations
  • Explain the results using World Book Online

2. Digital Product/Presentation

Each group will create a 4 slide presentation using HaikuDeck 
Each student will be responsible for creating 1 slide and then presenting that slide


---World Book Online
---War books
--- Images only from HaikuDeck