Mrs. Kristen Kopko

What is happening in November and December...

We are in the midst of assessing what your child has learned so far in Kindergarten.  We appreciate your continued support at home to help your child succeed.

 If your child is still working on letter identification and letter sounds, it is so important to work with them for ten minutes each night on those skills.  In addition, the number of High Frequency words your child has been introduced to is beginning to stack up.  Please work on those daily as well.  Make sure to have the flashcards cut apart so you can easily divide words and letters into piles.  If your child is struggling, start with a small pile of letters, sounds, or words he knows, then build up the pile with two or three unknown items each day.  This allows for your child to be confident, but also to add to their current knowledge!

Your child brings home two books each night for 100 Book Challenge.  Your child should be reading these books to you.  If needed, you can read the first page to introduce the pattern of the story.  After, your child should point under each word to read, and should use the picture to help decode the words.  Give your child some time to work through a word before reading it.  Students are learning reading strategies that will help them become independent readers.  Please refer to the colored bookmark that was sent home.  Keep this handy at reading time, so your student can use the bookmark to remember the strategies.

Writing is in full swing in Kindergarten classrooms.  Students are working on writing their own stories and books as well as writing pieces as a group.  They are stretching out the sounds in each words to write the letters that they hear.  We celebrate with them because they are authors and illustrators, just like the authors and illustrators of their favorite children’s stories!

Please remember if you would like to volunteer for any class parties, field trips or special activities at school, you will need to submit your clearances to the offices at Clayton Avenue.

Reading aloud to your child at home is equally as important to having him/her read to you!  Try to do some of each every day.  : )