High Frequency Words

We will be working very hard in class to learn these words. Please practice with your child every night as they will be tested on these words.  Your child has three seconds to tell me the word before the PowerPoint moves on to the next word.  So it is very important that your child can just look at the word and know it, instead of them trying to sound it out.   Below are the words that they have learned or will be learning.  I have broken them down into months for you to see when we have taught the word or when we will be teaching the word.  By the end of the year, your child is expected to know at least 67 of these words in order to be at benchmark. 

a, love, see, I, we, like, can, the, it, is, to, go, he, she, me, be, with


by, in, play, little, my, said, at, was, do, you, am

get, down, how, now, out, up, and, put, some, come, look, on, what


say, day, got, not, then, here, are, this, all, went, him, her, read


for, or, if, they, will, yes, no, so, have, of, us, did

as, run, saw, where, has, had, boy, girl, his, who