My Homework

Math Homework:

Students have math drills to complete Monday through Thursday. Your child will have math drill practice sheets most full weeks that we are in school. My policy for absences is that the student should still be able to complete their math drills even if they are not in school because they already have their homework ahead of time. However, I do understand that sometimes students are too sick to do their homework and if that is the case please send a note in with your child.

If there is a short week, I usually do not send home math drills.

In September, students will start receiving more math homework. Monday through Thursday your child may have to complete math home links. Be advised that I do not send these home links every day. 


There will not be any spelling homework. However, this year students are expected to be able to spell 72 high frequency words by the end of the year. You will notice your child is bringing home a spelling sheet with approximately 15 words each week. Some words are review, 2-3 will be HFW they must be able to spell, and the rest are words that teach the phonics for that week's lesson. High Frequency Words (HFW) that students must be able to spell will be in bold. Other high frequency words will not be bolded. This means the student should only be able to read the word. There are 300 HFW students must be able to read by the end of the year. 72 of these words are the ones they must be able to read and spell. As a rule, when your child brings their spelling sheets home, please practice spelling all of the words. It is good practice for them even if they are not being tested on some of the words. I will do a spelling "check-in" each week where I will be monitoring your child's progress on spelling. If you have any questions, please ask me!

100 Book Challenge:

Each night, your child will bring home one to two 100 book challenge books. They must read 15 minutes each night as well as write down the title of one of the books that they read. The level of the book that your child is bringing home is their independent reading level. This means that they can successfully read their book independently without difficulty. Please note that this is a different level in which they are being instructed on while they are in school. In school students are taught on their instructional level which is indicated by their f and p guided reading level. The books that your son/daughter are bringing home are designed to be easy for your child so that they can build fluency and practice good reading strategies

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