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Children learn to read by reading!

I am one of several reading specialists here at Fairview Elementary.  I love to read and love teaching reading to my students even more. Reading is such an important lifelong skill that students need to master.  Reading is fun and can open doors to explore the world in wonderful and exciting ways.  As with any activity, the old saying "practice makes perfect" holds true for reading as well.  I would encourage you to have your children read at least 20 minutes at home each day. As parents, it is our responsibility to encourage our children to engage with text so that they will be prepared to navigate the complex world they face daily.

Below you will find the five components that work together to make a successful reader.  Each part is important in its own way.  However, they all need to be present in order for students to achieve success at their reading level.

The Five Essential Components of Reading

Phonemic Awareness - Recognizing and using individual sounds to create words.
Phonics - Understanding the relationship between written letters and spoken sounds.
Reading Fluency - Developing the ability to read a text accurately and smoothly.
Vocabulary Development - Learning the meaning and pronunciation of words.
Comprehension Strategies - Acquiring strategies to understand, remember, and communicate about what they have read.

Reading Apps

There are a lot of literacy apps out there to choose from.  The Reading Rockets page has a list of recommended apps, some are free and some have a small cost.  See the link below for the list of apps:

In addition, the following website contains many links to activities and games that support struggling readers.  Check in out!

Reading Resource

Thanks for being dedicated to your child's education and for visiting my site. If you need to contact me for any reason, please feel free to call or email me.

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