Daily Schedule

What does a first grader do all day?


Guided Reading: Students will read  a book with a teacher in a small group of students. This book is on a child's instructional reading level. This means the teacher uses this book to teach new vocabulary, phonics rules, and other important reading skills.

Independent Reading: Your child will have time each day to practice all the skills he or she has been learning by reading books independently or by reading to other students.

Shared Reading: We will spend time reading stories together from our anthologies or from Big Books everyone can see together. We will use this time to discuss vocabulary, comprehension questions, story sequencing, and much more!

Word Work: This time is spent learning new spelling words and patterns, phonics rules, or rhyming.

Writing: Students will mostly be writing independently after hearing a mini-lesson from the teacher. Students will share turns working 1-1 with a teacher and sharing their writing with other students.



Special: Music, Art, Gym, Library

Math: This year we will be working together as a group and through games to learn many important math skills.

Science: We will be learning about the fun topics listed below:

Identify living and non-living things
How seeds grow and change
Land animals

Social Studies: We will be learning about the fun topics listed below:

Classroom and School Rules
Pledge of Allegiance
Map Skills
U.S. Symbols
Community Helpers