Mrs. Rebecca Sullivan


Dear Families,

Hello!  I am pleased to welcome you to the 2018 – 2019 school year!  We have a bright and exciting school year ahead of us!

Here is some important info for 1st grade:

Ø  SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  The following list of supplies was requested for your child for the first grade school year.  Please make sure to send in all of these supplies to school.  Please follow the enclosed directions on how to organize your child’s supplies.  This will save us an enormous amount of time on the first day of school!

Requested First Grade Supplies from the District:

* 24 number 2 Ticonderoga pencils        * 2 large rectangular pink erasers

* 2 packs of 24 Crayola crayons               * 1 pack of dry erase markers (black only)

* 1 large pencil box (8” x 5” x 1.5”)         * 1 dry erase eraser

* 2 large (1.27 oz.) glue sticks                  * 1 yellow highlighter

* 5 solid colored 3 prong folders             * 5 solid color pocket folders

* 2 packs of skinny markers


ENTERING SCHOOL:  Bus riders and car riders are escorted by teachers into the building on the first few days of school. They will use the door on the back playground.  Walkers will enter through the front playground door.  Car riders and walkers should arrive between 8:30 – 8:40 am.  There are teachers on duty on both playgrounds at that time and they will help the students find their right line to stand in.  If your child is confident, I suggest that you say good-bye on the playground and let them come in by themselves.  If they are not comfortable with that, you may come in with them on the first day only.  Many teachers will be available to escort the children to their classrooms.  We do not allow parents to come in this door on other days because of security concerns.  If you need to come in with them after the first day, you will have to take them to the front office and sign them in.

Ø  LUNCH:  At lunchtime the first grade teachers will be taking their classes to lunch and going over the rules and procedures for the cafeteria.  We will stay at lunch and help every child through the line on the first day and probably for several weeks until they are familiar with the routines. You will receive information from the school district on   the “smart card” and also about how to apply for free and reduced lunch.  Please help your child learn their account number.  They will be typing it every day on a keypad in the lunch line.  Also, it is an excellent idea to put any lunch money you send to school in an envelope with your child’s name on the front.  This prevents the situation where the money is used for some other purpose.

Ø  DISMISSAL:  Please return the attached information sheet on the first day of school or at Open House to indicate with which dismissal group your child will be leaving.

o   BUS RIDERS:  If your child rides the bus, please include the bus number on the attached sheet and we will make sure that they get on the correct bus afterschool.  If you are unsure of the bus number, please call the Clayton Avenue office at 762-1191.  Ask for Missie Baer at ext. 1264.  She will be able to help you.

o   WALKERS:  Students who are walking home are dismissed around 3:20 at the front door on the cafeteria side.  Please make sure your child knows who will be meeting them and remind them to stay with their teacher until they see that person.  Teachers will remain outside until all children are picked up.  We will then take any children that are left over to the office to wait for their family.  If you have special concerns and would like your child to be dismissed individually by the teacher, please indicate that in a note and we will gladly do that.  All other children will not be held by the teacher, but will be able to join you as soon as we come out the door.  This represents a change from kindergarten where all children were dismissed individually.  This is being done to meet parent concerns about speeding up the dismissal process.

o   CAR RIDERS:  Car riders are dismissed at the back door a few minutes later.  For your child’s safety, they are not allowed to run across the parking lot to your car.  Please make sure your child knows who will be meeting them and remind them to stay with their teacher until they see that person.  As with walkers, if you have any special concerns and would like your child to remain with their teacher until you come for them, please indicate that in a note and we will do that.

Ø  OPEN HOUSE:  Fairview will be having an Open House night.  It will be held on Thursday, August 16th.  Please make every effort to come.  This is a great time for your child to visit, tour the classroom and the school, and ask questions. You may bring your school supplies and paperwork along on this night as well.


As parents, you are the driving force in your child’s life and in their education.  Together, we can make this year a fabulous one, full of learning and growth for your child!  Welcome to an exciting school year! 



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