Mrs. Deborah Stine


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Your child has been asked to bring a special box to school to collect their valentines.  Please cover a tissue box with white paper and allow your child to decorate.  They may bring their box to school on February 6th


In reading, the students are focusing on three reading skills: retelling, comparing/contrasting, and questioning.  As your child reads their homework books, ask them to retell the story from the beginning.  They should ask questions about the story prior to reading, during and after they are done.


In math, we are working on number models.  We are using helper facts to solve addition problems.  It is extremely important to keep practicing math facts at home.  They need to know them!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Most students are still working on their number scroll.  It should be completed by the end of this month. 


We just began an exciting Science unit on Solids and Liquids.  The classes are teaming up to learn about the properties of matter.  We will begin a unit on Habitats at the end of the month. 


Your child should have selected a land animal for their diorama project for the Animal Habitat Unit.  There is a timeline in the packet for your guidance.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!  This project is designed to be a family project.  They will need help.  All of the research will be done in school.  If you would like to do extra research at home, go for it.  Please direct any questions to your child’s teacher.  

Debbie Stine

First Grade

Fairview Elementary