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Weekly Word Study

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List Day

Writing Day

Word Use Wednesday

Creative Day

Write each word in rainbow colors. Use at least 3 different colors per word.

Write a short story (paragraph), play, or poem using at least 10 of your words.

Sort your words by parts of speech. Be sure to label each column and write each word in the correct column.

Think about something you enjoy doing: sports, dance, drama, music, etc. Draw a picture related to that topic that includes at least 5 of your words.

Write your words in ZYX order.

Use at least 10 words in “juicy” sentences. Be sure that your sentences show that you understand the word meaning.

Create a “memory” game for all of your words. On index cards, or pieces of paper, write each word. Then, on a separate card, write its part of speech. Turn them over and practice matching words and parts of speech.

Think about situations where characters would say many of your words from your list. Create a comic strip using at least 5 of your words in the dialogue boxes. Be sure to highlight each word.

Write or type your words in ABC order. You can use different fonts or styles for each word.

Write an acrostic poem for 5 of your words. Be sure that the acrostic relates to the word’s meaning.

Write a definition for each word study word and write the part of speech that fits its definition.

Draw a simple illustration for 10 of your words. Label the illustration with the word.

Use colors.

For Weekly words lists (study):

List 1:

List 3:

List 4:

List 5:

List 6:


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