Classroom News
*Classroom News:

For the 2016-2017 school year, the fifth grade team will be subjectizing.  Our team consists of the following teachers: Mr. Newhard (math & science/social studies), Mrs. Shank (math), Mrs. Myers (ELA), and Mrs. Jones (ELA & science/social studies)

*Social Studies/Science and ELA with Mrs. Jones:

Social Studies:  We will be closing our second chapter in social studies where we have learned about explorers coming to the Americas and why they wanted to explore the region (which was virtually unknown to Europeans).  The chapter test will be taken within the next 2-3 weeks.

Science: We will begin our second unit of study in science...Cells.  Students will be using interactive notebooks (IAN) so they should have a composition book for note taking. PowerPoint presentations will be used for instruction.

ELA: Students are continuing bi-weekly vocabulary study.  Instruction will focus on making inferences. A new word study list will be given (#4).  Weekly homework assignments should be chosen and completed from a 'menu board'.  We have reviewed and provided examples of each choice on the menu.  A word study folder was provided and homework should be completed in it.  Please see 'My Resources'.