Classroom News
*Classroom News:

For the 2018-20198 school year, the fifth grade team will be subjectizing.  Our team consists of the following teachers: 
Mrs. Jones: ELA & Social Studies
Mrs. Myers: Math & Science

Mrs. Brookens: Social Studies, Science, & Writing
Mrs. Scott: ELA
Mrs. Shank: Math

*Social Studies, ELA & Writing with Mrs. Jones:

Social Studies: We are starting Chapter 4 with building background
on how the colonies developed and prospered. 
Lesson 1: Colonial Economy
    *How does geography influence the way people live?
Lesson 2: Colonial Government
    *How do new ideas change the way people live?
Lesson 3: Culture and Society
    *How do new ideas change the way people live?
Lesson 4: Rivalry in North America
    *Why does conflict develop?

ELA: We have started a unit on 'Unpacking the TDA', taking a closer look at analysis and components of writing responses to prompts.

Writing: We continue to write non-fiction summaries and responses to prompts related to ELA passages.  As chapter 4 in social studies begins, we will focus on organizing longer pieces in response to lesson review questions.