Mrs. Darla Shank
Welcome to 5th
Team 5B
Mrs. Shank-Math
Ms.Scott-English Language Art
Mrs.-Brookens-Social Studies/Science/Writing

Under the new block schedule, students will travel between classrooms. Times for each block are below.
Flight- 8:50 to 9:25
Block 1- 9:30 to 10:50
Block 2- 10:50 to 12:15
Lunch/recess- 12:20 to 1:10
Block 3- 1:15 to 2:40
Related Arts - 2:40 to 3:20
 Dismissal - 3:25

Students in my homeroom will be in room L2 for morning arrival, Flyer Time, and the end of the day.  Absentee notes and other correspondence should be submitted to the homeroom teacher.  Notes about specific subject material should be submitted to teachers of that subject. Students will be moving as a homeroom for blocks.

I would like to emphasize that I try to create a classroom environment where all students feel comfortable, aren't afraid to take risks, and are motivated to learn.  Treating others kindly and respecting the diversity among us are important traits we will learn as part of our Project Team initiative. Students are invited to write a note when they observe a peer demonstrating one of the pillars of character represented by Project Team characters.
  Students can also earn Project Team tickets by displaying positive character traits. We expect students to come to school demonstrating respect, responsibility, and ready to learn. 

‚ÄčDiscipline Policy
Students earn tickets when displaying positive behaviors, completing homework, writing work in agenda, and having agenda signed by a parent.  Students will owe tickets for not completing assignments, negative or inappropriate behaviors, not writing work in agenda, and irresponsible behavior. Students will have the opportunity to redeem tickets for rewards and accumulate tickets for reward day in December and May. 
Consequences for negative behaviors also result in loss of recess time. Violations and non-negotiable behaviors are in Parent/Student Handbook.

Everyday Mathematics
Our first math unit focuses on finding area and volume of rectangular prisms.  We will use tiling strategies to find the area with fractional side lengths, use pattern blocks to measure volume, count unit cubes to measure volume, and use formulas for finding area and volume.
Unit 2 focus is on place value, expressions, and number stories.
In Unit 3 we will learn various names for a mixed number with the same denominator.  This will enable us to trade when subtracting and adding fractions.
In Unit 4 we will use x and y coordinates on a coordinate plane. We will learn to write the points as (x,y).  We will also practice enlarging an image on a grid by multiplying x and y coordinates.

Your child should have their multiplication facts memorized by now.  If not, they should be practicing, since they learned them in 3rd  and 4th grade.  Memorization of basic facts will enable students to solve more difficult problems.  It will also make division much easier for them. All blocks have daily multiplication fact practice sheets and a weekly multiplication facts quiz. 

We will continue to practice writing a well-written response to a math problem.  We must show our work AND explain how and why it we solved it the way we did.

The math curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking skills and problem solving.  We use manipulatives, play math games, and sing jingles to help us learn new concepts. We also will explore several math web sites.

      Parents can go to the following web sites for homework assistance or play math games: 

                        Go to Free resources, Algorithm handbook animations, games, grade 5

In addition to the above web site, cards with user names and passwords were sent home that permit students and parents to access our curriculum on-line. Parents can print off a study home link if students left his/hers at school.  There is an e-tool kit, stop watch, timer, and math games available. You can access EDM with the link listed below.

Everyday Math

 Flyer Time
   During our Flyer time, students will have additional math instruction. Focus will be on concepts and skills, practice sessions on Study Island, Math Olympiad practice, and extension activities.

Related Arts

Library Book Cart.pngDancing People.pngArtist Painting.pngMusic By Moonlight.png

Day 1-Library
Day 2-Phys. Ed./Health
Day 3-Art
Day 4-Music
*Reminder-Students are expected to be prepared for special classes on the above days (i.e. wear sneakers on gym day, bring library books)

Box Tops for Education: Remember to save all you can.  These can be found on various packaged products and food items.  Each is worth 10 cents and helps our school to earn money.  We will tally the points each day and keep a running total.