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Please check your student's agenda and sign each evening. 
You can communicate with me via the student agenda or e-mail me:

Also, students are able to log onto Study Island at home to practice math and reading skills. Before completing a task, be sure it is a skill we have learned. Also, check out the lesson beforehand. Let's work on earning those blue ribbons!! Check out the EDM site. You can play math games and use e-tools to help problem solve.

Also, a reminder from the cafeteria staff-  If you have ordered a school packed lunch for a field trip, please do not send a packed lunch from home.  Our cafeteria staff has done a great job of making sure students who order a lunch receive one.  If students have ordered a school packed lunch, they will use the lunch our cafeteria staff has packed for them. Thank you.

Hey!  Did you know children need frequent drinks during the day to keep them alert?  Students in my class are permitted to have water bottles on their desks (filled with water, of course).  Please refrain from sending sodas or sport drinks.  Students have been allowed this privilege in previous years, and it has never been a problem.  However, if students use the bottles inappropriately, they will not be permitted to have them.




Students need to memorize their multiplication facts.  I will continue stressing the importance of knowing these facts all year.  Students have multiplication homework Monday through Thursday and a quiz will be given each Friday.  If we miss a day of school, students are still responsible for completing the homework.
Unit 1 in math focuses on finding area (length x width) and volume (length x width x height).  Extended volume problems involve finding volume of multiple rectangular prisms.
Unit 2 focuses on grouping symbols, multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers.
Unit 3 finds us learning about fractions of a whole and fraction of sets.  We will find many names for a mixed number, which will allow us to subtract and add fractions.

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